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Discover an authentic personal brand that helps you reach out to your fans.

a business brand to stand out in your industry.

Learn how to develop a marketing strategy that maximizes your resources.


Developmental editing and line editing services for writers of all levels.

Submission strategies to find the right agents and publishers for your works.

Editorial consultations for short fiction and non-fiction work.


Establish your brand and enhance your site's search engine ranking with SEO content.

Copywriting services for online fundraising, brochures, and Websites.

Content strategies to help you maintain your own content.

Maloy and Doretta's [personal branding] guidance has sent me in directions I never could have expected. What I expected were social media tips. What I got was an adventure. Both Maloy and Doretta are experts in their fields, and months after our work together, I'm still thinking every day about our conversations. 

Chelsea R. (Writer)


Doretta Lau has worked in media and publishing for over 20 years, starting her career as an intern at style and culture magazine Dazed & Confused. She was production editor at children’s publisher Scholastic Inc., editorial assistant for the literary annual NOON, arts and culture editor at HK Magazine, editor at visual culture museum M+, and managing editor at Asia Art Archive.

She is the author of a short story collection called How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun? (Nightwood Editions, 2014) as well as four nonfiction books for children. As a freelance editor and consultant she has worked for such organizations as Penguin Random House, Greystone Books, Arsenal Pulp Press, WWF-Hong Kong, and Princeton School of Architecture.

Rather than focusing on the hustle of figuring out your brand so you can Get! Things! Done!, Maloy helped us look inward at our strengths (the ones we often deny to ourselves), our failures (the ones we often dwell on) and the positive stories that come out of them so we can recognize what our brand is all about. "Your strengths will attract the people, your failures will make them stay." *mic drop* 

Ana T. (Writer)


Maloy Luakian has done editorial work and marketing consulting for over 17 years. She was previously an editor at Macmillan Publishing Asia Pacific and, as a freelance editor, works with emerging writers to realize their work. She is a regular contributor to sites including The Takeout, and her fiction and non-fiction works have received an Honorable Mention from Glimmertrain, as well as a nomination for Best of the Net.

While doing in promotions and marketing for Warner Music Asia Pacific, Maloy worked with artists including Missy Elliott, Linkin Park, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since striking out on her own, her branding and marketing clients have ranged from Michelin-starred restaurants and tech startups to entrepreneurs and writers. Her clients for content writing and strategy include Expedia and Audible.com.

The workshop gave me so much clarity about not just what I had been doing wrong, but what I had been doing right in the four or so odd years I've been an author. I learned how branding can allow me to present my true self to my audience, instead of some false image I might think my audience wants to see. I learned how I can draw on both my strengths and my weaknesses in order to be authentic to my readers. I can't recommend Maloy’s workshop highly enough. It's amazing.

Ansela C. (Writer)

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