Find Your True Customers
If you're stuck at home, this is a good time to start thinking about who your true audience or customer is and be ready when things go back to normal.
Ivy League MFA in Creative Writing
A writer who attended an Ivy League MFA in Creative Writing shares the most important things she learned from the program
The Strokes
A case study on how marketing turned people against The Strokes--a cautionary tale about timing and narrative.
A professional writer and editor shares strategies on effective ways to stop writer’s block. The key is to assess and take the appropriate action.
Giveaway strategy mistakes to avoid
You need a giveaway strategy if you want to use this marketing technique properly. Learn what the three biggest mistakes are when using giveaways for promotions!
You could be making these huge mistakes in self-editing your fiction manuscript. Find out from a fiction editor what they are.
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