You've got amazing life experiences that would be a real page-turner.
Or maybe all those years in the trenches of your career or business have given you a unique perspective on life and work that could really benefit others. Maybe you're in possession of recipes that would really inspire people to finally use their stoves for something more exciting than instant noodles.

It's too bad that you just don't have the time or experience to write.

Fortunately, we do!

We have three packages with different levels of guidance and writing help so that everything you want to say is written in your own voice. If you can't decide which is best for you, send us a message using the form below to schedule a free 15-minute call.

We'll help you get the words from your mind onto the page.


  • If you want to do some of your own writing, we'll be there to support and guide you.

  • We'll help you develop your manuscript every step of the way and provide any outlines, research, and editing necessary to get you to the finish line.

  • Starts at USD 2,800 a month


  • You have a bunch of notes and not much time. That works for us!

  • We'll set up a comprehensive system that incorporates your notes, interviews, and research into a manuscript that sounds just like you. You'll get drafts on a regular schedule and approval each step of the way.

  • Starts at USD 3,500 a month


  • The ultimate service if you're really crunched for time! We'll help you develop your idea from scratch and do the heavy lifting when it comes to research, fact-checking, and writing.

  • This service is ideal for those who have a great premise for a book but need a lot of help to fill it out.

  • Rates vary according to project


James Beard Award Nominee (2017)

#2 Best Asian Cookbook, Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (2017)


Jason Spotts has been an integral asset of the utmost importance in both of my self-published cookbooks, Lickerland: Asian-Accented Desserts by Jason Licker and Baking with Licker. When I first met Jason, I was nine months into my first cookbook and I knew that I needed a visionary to shape the content, give my words a more powerful impact and ensure the text conveyed my thoughts perfectly. Not only did Jason exceed my expectations; he saved the project and transformed the subpar into a superstar.

In 2017, Lickerland was the only self-published cookbook to be nominated for a James Beard Award – essentially the Academy Awards for chefs – and Jason’s work was crucial to that success.

Jason Licker (Chef and Author)

#1 Best Asian Cookbook, Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (2021)

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