Personal Branding Services
for Writers, Artists, and Creative Entrepreneurs


We understand that the idea of personal branding can be uncomfortable and strange. After all, you’re not a commodity, you’re a person. For many of us, the idea of putting ourselves forward feels immodest and maybe even terrifying.

But if you make money from the creative work you do--whether it's illustrations, podcasts, writing, or music--you need a personal brand to help you reach the people who will appreciate and buy your work.


personal brand isn't about tooting your own horn. It's a story--your personal narrative--that you tell about yourself that helps people understand and appreciate what you do.

Uncovering your personal narrative helps you build the right relationships because people know what to expect from you, and, just as importantly, it creates the foundation of a good marketing strategy.


We help you uncover and develop your personal brand and teach you how to maximize your resources to build and strengthen your ties to your fans and supporters. You’ll learn to maintain a public image that lets you keep your privacy while keeping a consistent line of communication on all kinds of platforms. 

This service comes with three 45-minute phone or video calls to ensure that your brand develops organically every step of the way. Contact us below to get started on an authentic personal brand!


Maloy gave me so much clarity about not just what I had been doing wrong, but what I had been doing right in the four or so odd years I've been an author. I learned how branding can allow me to present my true self to my audience, instead of some false image I might think my audience wants to see. I learned how I can draw on both my strengths and my weaknesses in order to be authentic to my readers. I can't recommend [the personal branding service] highly enough. It's amazing.

Ansela C. 


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