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Manuscript Services

We provide an objective and experienced eye to tighten up flabby manuscripts, identify weak points, and provide clear guidance on how to improve your writing.

Our no-nonsense approach to editing gives you solutions that allow your work to shine while preserving your unique style.

We specialize in working with first-time or inexperienced authors whether as editors or co-writers.

We understand how much your manuscript means to you, and we want to see it shine!


Ideal for more experienced writers who only need to be guided in the right direction.

In our editorial memo, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your manuscript, identifying weak points and how they can be improved, as well as how to take advantage of strengths.

For this service, we look at a maximum of 20 pages, double-spaced and in 12-point font.

Easy-Peasy Package

Editorial memo

Complete Package

Editorial memo
& line edits

Premium Package

Editorial memo & line edits
20-minute call

Thank you very much to Doretta for this [Complete Package editorial consultation] service, it was extremely helpful and exceeded my expectations! I am very grateful for the insightful comments that Doretta made for me, and I especially appreciate the fact that she went beyond her service and left comments on my entire submission. Doretta did a fantastic job, truly.


A. N.

For writers who need more support, we also provide comprehensive editing services that will help you fully understand the process of writing. Consider it a one-on-one writing workshop that is customized just for you! Contact us about your work and let's discuss your options and budget.


We’ll take an in-depth look at your manuscript and edit it systematically to improve tone, language, and style along with grammar. We’ll flag any problems and offer clear, workable solutions for issues including structure, plot, dialogue, voice, and character development. This service includes an initial editorial memo.


This is especially helpful to new writers whose manuscripts need a great deal of attention. We’ll provide you with a thorough deconstruction and analysis of your story, along with specific writing exercises and reading recommendations to reach your manuscript goal. You’ll write revisions under our close guidance, including regular video or voice calls to discuss any concerns or challenges. This service also includes an initial editorial memo, line editing, and proofreading.


Rates vary for each manuscript

I never thought the [developmental editing] process would be so long and challenging, and I have a newfound respect for the work of writing now. Thank you so much, Maloy. I really appreciate you. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help and guidance. 

Rojin K. (Writer)


You have a great idea but you have no time or experience to see it through.

Our author packages are customized to ensure that you get the right guidance and helping hand to complete your manuscript. We've helped new authors write everything from memoirs to cookbooks.

Contact us to talk about how we can turn your ideas into the book you deserve.

Rates vary for each project.

Writing Partner

A guided process for people who want to do the writing themselves.

We'll help you develop a structure and provide notes on each chapter. Afterwards, we'll edit your work to make sure that it shines.

Complete Writer

Too much going on to write? Let us help you put your words to paper. 

We'll interview you and use your notes to write your manuscript. You'll get drafts on a regular schedule for approval.

Bespoke Writing

Work with us to develop your fiction or non-fiction idea from scratch!

We'll do the heavy lifting, from research and fact-checking to writing and editing. You'll get a polished book in your unique voice. 


Jason has been an integral asset of the utmost importance in both of my self-published cookbooks, Lickerland: Asian-Accented Desserts by Jason Licker and Baking with Licker. When I first met Jason, I was nine months into my first cookbook and I knew that I needed a visionary to shape the content, give my words a more powerful impact and ensure the text conveyed my thoughts perfectly. Not only did Jason exceed my expectations; he saved the project and transformed the subpar into a superstar.

In 2017, Lickerland was the only self-published cookbook to be nominated for a James Beard Award – essentially the Academy Awards for chefs – and Jason’s work was crucial to that success.

Jason Licker (Chef and Author)


So you’ve finished a short story, written an essay, or completed a book manuscript. Now comes the task of finding the editor or literary agent who understands the magic in your writing. 

We help you connect with the people who will showcase your writing to the right audiences and refine your cover letter to ensure that you tell the best story about yourself and your work.

Interested in self-publishing? We'll talk about building your platform and the different strategies for marketing your book

Rates vary for each project

Contact us now to talk about how we can help you with your writing! We also offer a free 15-minute consultation through Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp.