Our workshops are highly structured and supportive environments where
the focus is on you and how you can take your business or career further.

If you want to gather together a group of friends or colleagues,
we can also do a private workshop for you!

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Our personal branding workshop is tailored for writers, musicians, and other creative entrepreneurs. We believe you have a story worth telling, and we help you discover it.

Our workshop covers:
- Branding isn't what it seems
- The good, the bad, and the ugly: the steps to personal branding
- Your narrative is your value
- Moving forward with a legacy

Our business branding workshop will give your small business a big boost in branding. We go hard into the details of what makes your brand work for your customers.

This workshop covers:
- The brand that you need
- Coming clean: the dirt that helps your brand connect
- What's the story? Identifying your narrative
- Who's out there? Understanding your value to your customers
- Getting paid: how to create a pitch that pays off

An intensive marketing strategy workshop that teaches you all about the tools you need to promote your work or your products.

This workshop covers:
- Social media platforms: what works and what doesn't
- Content is king: how content can help you get ahead
- Welcome to the real world: offline strategies to help you build a community
- 1000 True Fans: how to find and maintain a core group of believers

What Our Attendees Say

  • I initially thought [the personal branding workshop] was going to be heavily focused on the technical aspects of how we should market ourselves as authors so that we could reach out to a bigger audience with our books, but I was…pleasantly surprised at the direction we took...the workshop allowed us moments of introspection and learning more about our peers through sharing what we thought were our strengths and failures....It was an amazing experience, and certainly something I do not regret attending, even if it made me feel more vulnerable than usual.
    Tara F.
  • Attending the You on Your Own Terms [personal branding] workshop with Maloy provided me with much insight on being a writer and how I can best continue creating and putting my work out into the world. It was fun, interactive, and enlightening, highlighting the importance of telling a certain story: your own.
    Angeli D.
  • Rather than focusing on the hustle of figuring out your brand so you can Get! Things! Done!, Maloy helped us look inward at our strengths (the ones that we often deny to ourselves), our failures (the ones we often dwell on) and the positive stories that come out of them so we can recognize what our brand is all about. "Your strengths will attract the people, your failures will make them stay." *mic drop*
    Ana T.
  • Grateful I didn’t miss the branding workshop/retreat last weekend. I learned a lot, and, even when it got personal, I felt safe in the space....Thank you Maloy Luakian for the learnings.
    Miles T.
  • I attended the personal branding workshop with Maloy and got much more than I bargained for. Some workshops I've attended before tend to follow a specific pattern--formulas and fill in the blank things that are more branding than personal. But this workshop felt very personal. Everyone in the room was given a safe space to talk about what made them unique and who they are, which gave us room to go into a deep dive to determine how we present ourselves to the world, and put a name to it. I cannot recommend this session enough, especially to those starting out.
    Carla D. G.
  • The workshop gave me so much clarity about not just what I had been doing wrong, but what I had been doing right in the four or so odd years I've been an author. I learned how branding can allow me to present my true self to my audience, instead of some false image I might think my audience wants to see. I learned how I can draw on both my strengths and my weaknesses in order to be authentic to my readers. I can't recommend Maloy’s workshop highly enough. It's amazing.
    Ansela C.
  • I think the first time I heard about the concept [of personal branding] was in this anecdote of James Valentine telling Adam Levine that he was busy 'working on his brand.' It had always felt strange albeit necessary to me as an author, and the way Maloy facilitated the workshop helped ease me out of my attached weirdness to the idea of cultivating a personal brand. She was very generous with her knowledge, making it all seem naturalistic--not easy, but a workable extension of something I already am. Plus I loved all the music references.
    Jay T.