You're worth a story.

Even the most talented writers need a clear, objective eye to help them tighten up flabby manuscripts and spot errors. We provide a three-tier service that works with your budget and your manuscript needs.

Editorial memo: we’ll provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your manuscript identifying weak points and how they can be improved, as well as how to take advantage of strengths. It’s an excellent DIY option for those who already have the experience of editing their own manuscripts and just need a clear direction and goal.

Line editing: we’ll take an in-depth look at your manuscript and edit it systematically to improve tone, language, and style along with grammar. We’ll flag any problems and offer clear, workable solutions for issues including structure, plot, dialogue, voice, and character development. This service includes an editorial memo, as well as proofreading.  

Developmental editing: this is a service that is especially helpful to new writers whose manuscripts need a great deal of attention. We’ll provide you with a thorough deconstruction and analysis of the manuscript, along with specific writing exercises and reading recommendations to target your weaknesses. You’ll write revisions under our close guidance, including regular video meetings to assess your progress and discuss challenges. This service also includes line editing and proofreading.

So you’ve finished a short story, written an essay, or completed a book manuscript. Congratulations! Take a moment to acknowledge that you showed up for your own career like a champion.

Now comes the task of finding the editor or literary agent who understands the magic in your writing. It’s daunting to wade through the hundreds of publications, literary agents, and book publishers, which is why we offer a submission strategy service to guide you to success.

We are here to help you connect with the people who will showcase your writing to the right audiences. We’ll identify your target markets and refine your cover letter to ensure that you tell the best story about yourself and your work.

As with most things in life, you can choose to do take on the submissions process the hard way or the easy way. A little planning, research, and seeking the right kind of guidance can up your chances of receiving an acceptance.

We can help you find the right fit!

We get it: the idea of personal branding can be really uncomfortable and strange. After all, you’re not a commodity, you’re a person. For many writers, the idea of putting ourselves forward feels immodest and maybe even terrifying--and it’s even more challenging for those who are POC, women, or from marginalized communities.

But we’re not asking you to put on a fake persona or change you into someone you’re not. We don’t want to turn you into a corporate product. Personal branding means uncovering and controlling your own narrative to make sure that you build the right relationships with the people who will support you and your work.

We’ll show you how to maximize social media, community links, and written content to strengthen your ties to your readers. We’ll help you protect yourself with tools that curate how much of yourself you reveal to the world. You’ll learn to maintain a public image that lets you keep your privacy while keeping a consistent line of communication on all kinds of platforms.

Interested? You can get started with our free, step-by-step personal branding guide. Just sign up with your email address below and get it sent to your inbox right away!

Think of marketing as a narrative you weave around your book so that potential readers understand what makes it--and you--unique. With marketing, just as in writing, you need to make sure that the story you tell not only makes sense but unfolds in the right order and provides the right information.

We often think that finding a publisher (or even self-publishing) means that our work as a writer is finished, but most of the time, the burden of selling your book still falls on your shoulders. After all, no one will care about the success of your book more than you do.

Many writers make the mistake of thinking that marketing only starts when a book is launched, but in fact, effective marketing campaigns begin a year or two (or even more!) before the actual book launch to lay the groundwork for the book’s success. It’s not enough to set up a launch and a few readings. To market a book properly, you need to formulate a marketing strategy that allows you to develop a foundation of readers who will continue to support your other works.

It’s a lot to think about, which is why we work with you to formulate bespoke marketing strategies. You’ll get a clear game plan that incorporates media outreach, events, and fanbase-building activities--all tailored to your budget and abilities.

We know how hard it can be to face a blank page or the blinking cursor on a white screen, but writing does not need to be a do-or-die endeavour. Athletes have coaches to help them reach personal bests—why shouldn’t a writer access the same resources to achieve success?

Part of writing success has to do with having the right tools and developing resources to get you to the finish line. Learn how to approach the writing process in an efficient way that brings joy to your life, rather than frustration. We’ll teach you to create your own personal writing ritual and instruct you on how to set aside time to write so that you can find the freedom to tell your stories.

Find balance, and the flow will come.

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